Developed exclusively for the educational environment with eight powerful tools factory integrated ENSURING SAFETY DURING THE LIFE OF THE TABLET

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This system guarantees security in the school both for the teachers and the students. Thanks to the Parental management tool a safe a secure environment is created at home. It is a versatile system with three principal users: parents, teachers and students that allows the participation of any member of education community. At home, students use the tablet with the use criteria established by their parents, during school hours they use it according to the criteria decided by the school. It includes an innovative recovery system that allows the tablet to be restored to configuration settings without affecting the parental control.

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Tablet OnBook® includes the most advanced parental control in the market, because it is impossible to uninstall it as it is installed during the manufacturing process. Parents can define the most appropriated security level at home, without interfering in school´s activity. Parents’ configuration is stored in the cloud and it is administrated by the Device Manager. Without OnBook® parents have find their own software solutions to protect their children – OnBook® takes the worry out of this with the added assurance of zero conflict with the ‘school environment’.

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It protects the pupils everyday and everywhere allowing the school to choose websites, words, sentences or information that has to be blocked, becoming on a effective tool to prevent cyber-bullying. The filter can be changed and modified easily, from the Device Manager in the Cloud.

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Extremely easy and intuitive to use and unlimited to the amount of users or licenses. Designed to be used by teachers regardless of the computer knowledge. With its remote control design teachers can make split second decisions in order to interrupt teaching time as little as possible. Profile information is updated by the Device Manager in the cloud, synchronizing all the devices into an education community, not just those that are in computer labs, but all mobile devices, as well. This tool allows the sharing of files through the network but without the necessity to have a internet connection. The software tools are via a license linked to the life span of the tablet.

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Included in the tablet, an intuitive and effective tool to receive and send documents and interacting with the teacher during the class (VNC), without the need of an internet connection.

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The device management system allows a full control of the apps being installed and the also the elimination of apps if so desired. A ‘white list’ of applications can be allowed and managed if the administrator establishes it. This is an important function because the parents can install and allow the use of applications the ‘home profile’ that can´t be used at the school. This function can be managed with the ‘Teacher classroom management tool’by the teacher or the Device Manager in the cloud.

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Allows tracking of the device in case theft or loss of device. The Device manager can wipe the tablet if needed to protect sensitive data. The function is controled from the cloud.


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This exclusive Mobile Device Manager allows the configuration of the setttings and establishment of the protocols desired by the school or the education community. A wide spectrum of intuitive options gives the school the possibility to create as bespoke a model as possible.

The complete Device Manager can manage all devices (computers and tablets) of a school community, regardless the number of students to control and protect. The system allows to configure terms and rules of use from an intuitive and comfortable website, accessible from anywhere and any device that has an Internet connection. There is also a hierachy of users, from the teacher to an education community administrator, that can integrate thousands of schools. MDM Service is included in the solution, without extra monthly rates.

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Switch on and ready

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Just after buying the Tablet, during the first start up, the student introduces his school identification code and in seconds the tablet will be personalised with his data and ready to use. The Device Manager on the Cloud allows to automatically link the tablet´s serial numbers with the students. In this way is it not necessary to configure anything when you switch on the tablet the first time. This system represents a considerable saving of money and time, when a large quantity of tablets are being implemented.




Screen Share

OnBook TVOnBook TV:

It allows the teachers to share their screen or the pupils screens via the video-projector, interactive whiteboard or flat panel. A HDMI input on the projector or flat panel is required. Teachers decide and control which students can share their screen. Teachers can share their screen from their computer or from a Windows Windows® or Android® Tablet.




OnBook® Store

Education Apps appropriated for all ages. In large deployments it is possible to create a bespoke application store, available just for the students devices of the community of the project.


Google™ Apps Education

We recommend Google Education apps: Gmail, Quickoffice, Google DRIVE, Google Calendar, Google Earth, Google Sites, Google Vault, Google Translator, Blogger… OnBook includes some of them. Google apps are a great way to start using educational and collaborative models.


OTA Services Vexia

Thanks to this Update System, OnBook tablets can totally update its software and Android operating system in a few minutes. In this way, the OS will be always 100% ready without errors, saving a lot of money and time in maintenance.



OnBook solution includes two years software and hardware guarantee which can be extended to three if required. The guarantee excludes damage provoked by ill use.

All our devices have the quality and experience of the brand Vexia.


We have a 10-inch tablet with an Intel chipset. It incorporates a Bluetooth keyboard with its own battery to ensure a sufficient period of productive work.

Android 4.4 operating system and Intel® Atom™ Quad Core processor make it a robust tablet for school use. Very thin, can show you a whole world of emotions wherever you are.

With the camera to store your unforgettable moments and high connectivity that will make you enjoy it at school and at home…

Hardware Tablet

  • Processor: Intel® Atom™ CR3735F Quad Core
  • Operating system: Android 4.4
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Internal Memory: 32 GB
  • Screen: 10.1″ IPS multitouch
  • Resolution: 1280×800 px HD
  • Size: 258,3 x 163,4 x 8.6 mm
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li Po 8100 mAh
  • Connexions: Micro SD / Micro USB / Micro HDMI
  • connectivity: WiFi 802.11b/g/n / Bluetooth 4.0
  • Camera: Front 2 MP and rear 5 MP
  • Software: Google Play, Browser, E-Mail, Google Maps, Office Suite, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Audio and video Player / Voice recorder
  • Output: Audio Jack 3,5 mm
  • Speakers and mic: Yes
  • Accessories: Keyboard with magnetic connection and pin provided with USB 2.0 port

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Ocular Protector Reticare®

All models Tablet Vexia include a vital Reticare® eye protection, especially designed for children and has different degrees of protection, depending on the level of reading and effort required by the student.


Developed exclusively for the educational environment with eight powerful tools factory integrated ENSURING SAFETY DURING THE LIFE OF THE TABLET

OnBook - Mochila digital segura

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